I’ve always been interested in the history of clothing and how it got integrated into a big part of our culture. Blogging just about clothes wouldn’t give me too much to go off on and I would be just typing about a small factor in what could be a big topic. That big topic that I’ve decided to blog about is culture and society, why we wear what we wear and why we talk like we talk. I would like to branch off the culture topic and dicuss topics from food to music. My desire is to stay in the realm of the American culture but I may frequently reference other countries. Hopefully my comments on this topic will raise questions about how we live not only in class but also the American society. Just by being a citizen of this country I’m already quite informed and passionate about the culture but as the school year goes on I’m positive that I’ll gain more knowledge on my topic by researching a little and record all of my thoughts via blog.


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