False Hair

Hair is a big part of the American culture; it doesn’t only allow an individual to express themselves but can improve one’s appearance. Due to the fact that everyone can be diagnosed with some sort narcissism, people would like to look good when others view their appearance. In America people believe more hair the better, that is if people have what’s viewed as good hair, and because not everyone is “blessed” with gorgeous  volume hair some, actually many will decide to wear someone else’s. With ease one could note a page discussing the topic of hair and its great impact on the American culture, but for me that topic will be essay’s to come while mine now can be quite a controversial one, the use of hair extension. I used the word controversial because of the way it’s used and the insecurities one may have when sporting a piece of hair. Today, salons are able to change a person’s hair dramatically just in one appointment, so much so it also seems they’re wearing a new face. To my surprise there are multiple of methods to connect a piece of hair into another’s. The ends of the connecting hair is usually stuck together with some sort of remarkable glue and can be integrated  into someone’s hair from as many ways as clipping it in to fusing the extended hair with the scalp. Extended hair can have diverse names depending on the way extended hair is mixed with the authentic. A popular method that I’ve run into on many occasions is the bonding of hair weave which is when hair is woven or glued into the head. From what I learned this method can be risky because of the possibility of the false hair disconnecting from the head releasing the true identity of the individual hiding behind the hair. Although extended hair is notoriously worn by women, men today also use extended hair to better their appearance, similar to what they did with wigs in the 1700s. What becomes the most interesting topic when discussing extended hair is the question, where does it come from? Horse hair specifically has been of prevalent use because of its great similarity with human hair. For those with black hair you will frequently find the origin of their extended hair from India. Some Indian beliefs force a women to cut their hair which is then taken from some sort of company that weaves the hair back together and profits off of it from America. Through all of these occurrences, from purchasing extended hair to connecting it to the scalp, Indian women are unaware that their hair is being modeled by an individual in America attempting to keep up with the culture.



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