After researching a brief history on hats I discovered a reason why they’ve become fashionable in our culture. In America today it’s not unusual to see an individual wearing a hat because it matches with their outfit or because of the lack of hair on a person’s scalp, but those who formed the idea of hats may not believe those reasons are sufficient. With ease, it can be concluded that hats were initially designed for protection in battle, from falling objects and dangerous weather. Hats had become a part of uniforms for those who work in dangerous conditions that could cause injury to the head. In certain careers hats were also worn to identify authority, I can only hypothesize that the height of an individual (Hats add on to an individual’s height and those in higher positions wear bigger hats) gave man some sort of respect. During special occasions someone was given a hat that would be presented to the individual to honor their position in work or accomplishments. Hats grew in popularity and were worn in church for weddings or a type of worship service. Hats became more than an accessory but a fashion statement and can now tell a lot about a person’s character, similar to how they told a person’s positions in their job.


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