Questioning Peace

In Japan, there’s a broadcasted television show that caught my eye causing me to question the words hope and peace. The elaborate TV series has two parts; the first one part tells the story of the main character that we follow from the age ten to thirteen while the second part shows us the growth of the character from age sixteen to beyond. The creator of the series shows the viewer how the character’s beliefs strengthen; making him a very likeable character and the creator made a clever decision to have the antagonist exactly like the main character in every way. The villain had the same characteristics and same situations in their life as the hero but minor diverse decisions between the two caused their different beliefs and viewpoints on peace. All of the emotional pain they dealt with in the past shaped their hearts into what they know is right and wrong. When examining the villain’s side we see that his view on what’s right, and what’s peace we’re able to tell distinct difference from him and the hero. The villain’s idea of peace is that everyone is controlled and is to act as if they’re robots not being able to make their own decisions. For me personally, these two different theories of peace seem to be accurate but which one is best for society is a question those in authority may struggle with.

                Religions profess that perfect harmony with their deity will lead to a life filled with peace; America’s culture states that a wealthy balanced life is a peaceful one, and others declare that peace is something that can’t ever be achieved. Many believe that happiness is peace or that a content life can lead to peace but history has showed vice versa. Peace is defined as a quiet life and freedom from violence, there has never been a time when the world wasn’t at war but countries that have taken a break from war proved to be the most cheerful places. Everyone wants to live the good life, a happy life which requires peace, many never accomplish their own idea of peace but a few have learned to face their life struggle. The choices people make and the way they handle a situation shows if a person has peaceful qualities. Attaining peace can be very helpful when dealing with stress and other scenarios that require an individual to be calm. Many books discussing how to live in peace state that it’s an inward and outward experience. For humanity to live in harmony everyone must inwardly make sense of their hearts and mind and create good connections with those around you.


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