Why We Should Care, American Culture Destroying Our Environment

If we want our planet to flourish every individual in the world should care about our environment. Every morning when I first walk outside I’ve started a habit to listen to the different noise, sniff the air, and just admire the beauty of the outdoors. If our country personally does not change their actions in pollution and consumption, those things I love to do in the morning won’t be as delightful. To create a better atmosphere for future generations everyone needs to play a hand in helping our environment.

            Through human activities such as burning coal and leading chemicals into rivers and oceans, nature and human beings are being affected. It has been recorded that in parts of the world forests are shrinking, soils are eroding, deserts are expanding, lower atmosphere is warming, glaciers are melting and more, our actions have to change. Through studies of  the demand on Earth’s ecosystem we’ve been informed that if everyone consumed like an average American today nature could only support about 1.3 billion people, earlier this year it’s been reported that the Earth has a population of 7 billion people. If America citizens were to use less energy they would not only be helping the planet but also will help you saving money in the long run. Something that we all enjoy is being able to relax on the sandy beach and the fascinating thought of swimming or surfing on the coast of an Ocean. I’ve personally witnessed the trash building up on our beaches throughout the years; this is not only a hindrance on our vacations but also putting animals on the beach in danger. As kids we’ve constantly been told to treat others the way that you would like to be treated, it shouldn’t be any different for the planet we live on. Little things like cleaning your house and taking out the garbage resembles your personality so does treating how you treat the Earth, most people would like to be remembered as having a great personality. If cause truly does have an effect, what we do for our environment will show. Little things in our life that we don’t even really notice like turning the sink of while brushing your teeth can help the environment. Riding your bike or walking to places reasonably close is not only Lessing the pollution count but also is a great workout.

            Through information gathered many have attempted to let others be aware of how critical the situation is. Many others have also done things to help change make a change, but for everyone it starts at home. No one wants to lose the beautiful scenery we admire getting up, drinking our coffee and start our day of work or school. In the end we, humans, are also part of nature and things we do also affect us. Doing and seeing the things we do daily, the things we take granted for, because of the things and the world we live in, we should care.


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