Right and Wrong

Socrates, one of the first philosophers, stated, “An unexamined life is a life worth not living.” In the field of western philosophy this quote is well known, relaying the fact that during a human beings life, if that individual never questions why he’s on the planet, what his morals are he’s no good being alive. In today’s American society people are afraid to question beliefs or even afraid of how to define it, but questioning and searching for answers (That one may never find.) allows for growth in human life.


This week I’ll be discussing some of these questions that deal specifically with the American culture. One of these questions that citizens struggle with everyday seems to be the question of is there an absolute right and wrong. When people make decisions the thought process is more than often self-absorbed, asking yourself how will the outcome benefit me or harm me.  This thought process resulted from the American thought that in order to make yourself successful you have to worry about yourself climbing all the way to the top. As kids we were taught that the American thought is supposed to be comprised with the “Golden Rule”, Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. These two diverse thoughts create a confused individual and when people are confused they’re bad under stress and become unsure of the right and wrong decision.


Morals and ethics are the prime source of what causes someone to make a decision or at least how they view the scenario, good or bad. The culture of the place where one matures is a big factor on the development of morals, meaning that a country’s culture can define the citizen’s morals by setting laws and determining what is just. Many other factors go into one’s moral beliefs and their own definition of morals. The search engine Google defines morals as a lesson concerning what is right or prudent, that can be derived from a story, a piece of information, or an experience. Personally my thought is that peoples morals grow stronger best when they’ve been through a life experience. Wisdom can be attained by living life and learning how to cope with different situations and when men are wise the make their ethics clear to the public.


Throughout all of this text the point I’m attempting to get across is that morals mean different things to everyone but once you have a set of morals informing you what’s right and wrong you’ll be able to live life more efficient.


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