Death of YOLO

Since the beginning of history music has played some kind of role in society, and twenty-first century America has fallen subject to the power of music. People would use music as a way to release stress, or to stress a point thus the creation of multiple love songs. These ideas are still prevalent in our culture but now music seems to cause stress more than relief. The sounds that go through a radio decides the entire culture, what’s cool and what isn’t, the definition of having a fun time and many other factors that affect our decisions. Music forces individuals to keep up with the new fad creating stress on what to wear and how to talk when communing with friends. One of the newest sayings that I refuse to declare is the phrase you only live once. This outlandish claim originated from the category of the popular American music genre rap, spoken by the artist Drake Graham. The phrase comes from part of the hook in Drake’s song The Motto, ” Now she want a photo, You already know though, You only live once, that’s the motto, ni–a Yolo, We bout it every day, every day, every day.” In this hook Drake is trying to state that due to the fact you don’t get a second chance at life you should live your life now to the fullest without any regrets. That definition of you only live once doesn’t seem that bad, encouraging actually, but the other lyrics in the song suggest more to the meaning of you only live once and is something our teenage culture has blown out of proportion.

America’s teenage culture, which is the majority that listens to the rap music, has used the statement YOLO, the acronym of you only live once, to justify stupid decisions they’ve made. People use the phrase after scenarios such as drinking excessive alcohol or doing crazy things that could even threaten one’s life. The word has been overused by teens who want to live it up while they’re young. The acronym has not only become a popular word to put as a hashtag on social media but has become a philosophy that other important figures in entertainment have embraced and express it in their music as well. A popular song that stresses YOLO is the pop star Miley Cyrus’s hit song ‘We Can’t Stop’. This song has the same thing telling the younger generation to live life how you would like to, and her idea of a good life seems to be much abuse of substances. This phrase may or may not be popular during the time this blog is read but I can be sure that a new phrase has popped up in our culture through music changing or strengthening the live style of millions.


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