The Thrusting Country

Twerking, dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance. The currently popular dance, twerking has received its own defining spot on the Oxford Dictionary Online. Similar to my comments on the acronym YOLO, this dance move, thanks to American pop music, has become a new fad that has some people thrusting and others fussing. The twerk found its way in the United States through the hip hop music culture that is mainly ran by the Black culture in America. History will inform that the twerking dance is similar to that of dancing in Africa traditions. The dance move does not only serve as a symbol for a sexual innuendo but can be viewed as the mixing between cultures. Many view the United States as a melting pot of different ethnicity that brings along different culture, and twerking can be used as an example of the melting pot in the twenty first century.

As of 2013 the dancing term has infected America and beyond due to the controversial dance move demonstrated by Miley Cyrus the individual who made twerking, “infamous”. Miley Cyrus is actually a Caucasian pop star and actress born in Tennessee and from what I know has no background relation to the African continent. Personally I believe Miley prevented a huge stereotype in the African American community causing them to be loose and “thirsty”. Twerking was a dance move in America before it was made popular in current hip hop and pop music. The online dictionary informs that the word has been used since the 1990s and since then the dance has been increasing popularity to its max level of popularity in America today. Now, many view twerking as a humorous movement rather than a hint towards sexual activity. Nevertheless many people, predominantly women, are raring to show their twerking skills through social media such as the viral website YouTube.  


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