Reason for Weed?

Although every human being has suffered from the pain of a deathly disease themselves or suffered from enduring the great pain of loved ones in a grave condition, pain has built our culture. In colonial North America a major crop was discovered that was used for herbal medicine, marijuana.   This substance was first sought after for its fiber in America but has become a drug that is abused to what seems like the majority of people. Now this narcotic drug is a symbol of rebellion against authorities. According to my knowledge or perhaps awareness of stereotypes, hippies, a group of people who had different thoughts on how the American government should be ran, were some of the main culprits of the big wave of marijuana abuse.

Marijuana is made up of chemical compounds that affect the mind and the body creating a sense of euphoria and in large doses causes visual hallucinations. Because of rising use of the drug in the twentieth century it was labeled as an addictive and a substance that would lead the abuse of more dangerous drugs. Labor pains, nausea and some diseases are thought to be healed or prolonged when using this euphoria drug, it’s still prescribed today. The war of drugs created a zero tolerance policy that made strict laws on the use of drugs leading to potential harm such as marijuana. The laws caused smuggling on the drug from different areas that cultivated the herb, but today it’s still used as a healing drug. In my world the drug is even abused when viewed for medical use, many of those who try to use it legally attempt to claim pains that will prescribe them marijuana.

Many justify their use of the drug by stating its religious properties and link it to many religions. There is a lot of speculation on this topic and it can be a touchy topic to discuss in some religious settings. Some believe the drug was a gift from a higher power and others not only call it a curse but state that the drug will lead to activity some beliefs view as sinful. The mysterious question around the abused weed is a reason why it’s attracted teens widely since the 1990s. During high school is the time when students question the belief that was cultivated in them since they were kids. Questioning of their parents causes them to question authority leading them to the substance that rebels authority. There is much to discuss on the topic of drugs especially marijuana, but because this drug is such a touchy subject in school as well, I’ll hold off on this controversial drug and leave it for a discussion on future blogs.


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