Greatness of Laughter

It can be noted as a fact that everyone loves to laugh. Laughter is a sign of happiness which is something people need in order to get through a stressful day. Media is usually the prime source that fills an individuals need of laughter, allowing a movie or television show to take our money so that we may be entertained. America has noticed the wanted  joy people attain from laughing, and so society found a way to benefit from this joy through economic means. Many citizens are blind to this American money making scheme and that’s because they’re satisfied from the hilarious scene that’s in front of their eyes. Television networks have heard the cry of the American people, asking for more funny thus creating Comedy Network. This network is centered around making people laugh as it attempts to cover everyone’s view of  humor. Now it’s a common theme to gather up your friends and have a movie night where there is a high chance of laughter. Comedy brings people together, people that laugh together are able to work well together. Friends also help us to bring out the funny in the hilarious scenes that we watch. Personally I always seem to be having a more enjoyable time when watching a movie with my close friends rather than watching it by myself overlooking all of the humor. Laughter is contagious and as long as there’s always “that one guy” in the room, that has that special gift to get everyone else in the room belting out noises, any thing can be funny.

Shows, movies, plays, comedians and other sources of entertainment get their comedic material from what citizens view as funny. Actors entertaining the populous by taking events from their lives that they found to be hysterical and cultivate it to something causing the viewer to want more. By just using physical movement and facial expression an actor or entertainer has the ability of giving the audience a humorous experience. The job of making large amounts of people finding one thing funny is a very judgmental career that can impact the entertainers method of money making. Some jokes told to an audience can be said to be too much or that the joker is walking on thin ice. Stereotypes is a perfect example of people being highly judgmental in an individuals comedic act. There was a time when those who used stereotypes for comedic relief were labeled as somewhat of a racist but now it seems that issue has become less sensitive and people have evolved to laugh. As time continues the extent of what society finds funny will be something that has no limits to people feelings causing people to become one and view things under the same light.


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