Dropouts in United States High School

Throughout the years America’s education system has gone down in value and has been taken less seriously. Many problems have risen in this subject and the main reason behind the problem of kid success in school is student dropout. I believe that the increased dropout rate is a vital issue not only because it may lead to crimes and it will put someone’s household on welfare, but I want to describe the morally wrong things in this issue. Dropouts in my opinion only strengthen things negatively, such as stereotypes. Discriminating in school and other factors are what cause the number of dropouts in school to rise. Statistics show that Hispanics are twice as likely as African Americans to drop out, while White and Asian American students are least likely to drop out. This information states that dropouts are not only messing with the economy or education system but also hurting our communities and how citizens are viewed. Another fact is that America’s high school graduation rate ranks 19th in the world, and approximately forty years ago, we were number one. Obviously between those years some things have had to occur, whether the quality of teachers has decreased or the bully problem has increased. Most of the education systems issues have the end result of dropping out of school. It is assured that school dropouts will go up unless the other things troubling school education decrease, immensely.

 Thomas Edison had once said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” School teaches an individual a lot of things but one thing it lacks to inform is how to persevere. Dropouts wouldn’t be as big of an issue if relationships in school were better and stronger, also allowing everything in the education system to be equal. Reasons for dropout are usually due to a friends, teacher or guardians lack of duty. There are many reasons why teenager’s dropout of school is because of their fragile nature during teenage years. Top ten reasons for dropping out is Classes are not interesting, missing too many days of school, not prepared, not motivated, failing classes, providing for family, becoming a parent, taking care of a relative, discipline problem and just not caring. A reason that stands out is not being motivated or not being able to connect with a teacher or a certain subject. A lot of the reasons aren’t any good excuses but are just obstacles that are put into someone’s mind.

            The question just like to any other problem is how to prevent it. Dropping out of school can be a harder subject to address and is something that just acknowledging the statistics will not fix the answer. A first step would be having a goal that would be possible for you to reach so you become successful and avoid future disappointment. Help with those goals, no matter what they are, would allow someone to try harder knowing that they are not alone. Parents are their kid’s strongest source of support and that’s where problems can truly begin. Depressive situations in school such as failing a test or being held back at times can’t be avoided even when a person is attempting to do their best. During occurrences like those one needs the most are encouragements, the key to success. The last thing to help prevent leaving school is to not give someone a chance to have a secret. You shouldn’t let a friend or loved one keep walking when they have unusual behavior. Dropping out of school is a serious problem in our society and needs to be dealt with by the things listed and by taking care of other problems in the education system.

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