Entitlement, Kids and Teens

Every generation suffers the greedy child syndrome, entitlement. When typing up the definition for this word in the Google search engine will find entitlement defined as, “the fact of having a right to something”. In my terms this term infers, I want what I want, when I want and I deserve it for an absurd reason. This thought process seems to automatically be engraved in the brains of toddlers because without even being taught, young children will act to get what they want whether they deserve it or not. Already with kids accessible only to a few vocabulary words they will fight tooth and nail with their guardian about what they “need” to have. The case that the parent has to make becomes even greater when they’re arguing with a populous that has the same unreasonable view point. For example, one parent may be able to deal with one crying kid pleading for a cookie before supper, but if multiple children (For most parents in the United States two kids would be enough) were together making a point of why a few cookies can be eaten before dinner time, the siblings would expect a better chance of that one parent allowing them to have their way. One kid screaming and crying for something they want can be hard to handle but a group of kids mimicking that one is something a single individual wouldn’t be able to handle. In reality it’s wrong for me to single out young children as being the main perpetrator of this act but I generally believe that the teenage group suffers from entitlement the heaviest.

Concerning my current teenage generation, new technology innovations have caused us to be spoiled complainers. Inventions are made to make life more easy and efficient, but it seems the only beneficial thing it did was cause people to become lazy. The more lazy teens become they avoid the hard stuff that could actually prove to be helpful for them in the future. This factor is what causes the confrontation between teachers and their students. Being in High School, I see a lot of complaint and attempt for compromise a student may have with a teacher, this creates an uneasy environment difficult to learn in. The power of many students against one teacher’s voice is the reason why discipline facilitators are hired. These facilitators have the job to set order in school and strike fear in the students so they wouldn’t dare question the “outrageous” assignment the teacher gave. As these students grow and move on from high school, teachers can only hope that their pupils learned they can’t always get what they want out of life and that the quickest rode won’t always prove to be the greatest.


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