Lifes Legacy

To die known as a hero would be, what I believe, the most honorable way to die. A hero is an individual with noble qualities that has had outstanding achievements through life. I would want people around me to view me as an individual who had a successful life and brought success to others thanks to my achievement. When I use the words outstanding achievement, I don’t mean money wise or the possession of material but the social status viewed by my peers. The more respect that I attain by my friends and enemies will allow me to leave an unforgettable legacy.
Everyone on this planet given a tombstone has a date when they born and then a day they’re recorded as deceased, but what makes an individual is what they do during the dash between the two dates. The events that occur in the dash are what creates an individual and is what makes them rememberable or not after death. In middle school, I had once asked a close friend of mine who wanted to grow to become a successful lawyer if she wanted to be famous. I was already sure of it in my head that the answer to the question was going to be a yes, I mean who wouldn’t want to be famous. To my astonishment my friend answered with a slow no as if she had to think about it, my response to her statement was a quick why not. To my dismay she didn’t have an answer for me but left me wondering why a person wouldn’t want to be known by everyone, be so financially stable there’s nothing they can’t have they want, and why someone wouldn’t want to be recorded in history as being well known and an expert in their field. Before this moment, becoming famous was becoming a legend and that one was destined to leave a legacy that’s chased by many others. After questioning my though I concluded that being famous isn’t the only way to become a legend. By loving everyone around you and giving back to those who helped shape who you are, just by making a few lives a little bit better, you’ve left a legacy that others will discuss. That statement has become my view and definition of what makes a person a legend.
Recently an older lady that became my grandma when I first moved to Iowa finally was relieved of her pain as of September 6th . Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend her funeral but I was able to see her among the living a week before she passed. Because the lady wasn’t able to speak during her last moments her biological grandson that she basically raised talked with my family and I about things we never bothered to ask her while she was living. We discovered that the only legacy that she left was her daughter, and her two grandsons meaning the funeral wasn’t going to be the biggest. As I attended her wake my suspicion was correct and there wasn’t too many people there celebrating her life with her family. I then began to think how each of the individuals were affected by this older lady. She had at least touched five people’s lives, which is five more than I already had touched. The pity I had felt towards her death had stopped and I began to realize I would rather have a funeral of people that were truly close to me rather than a crowd of people who just knew of me. By living life to its greatest extent, I’m assured people will say great things about me after I die. I want to live in a way where people state that I was a God fearing man who put others before myself at all times.


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