Religious Culture Shaped Me

Currently I’m reading a book written by a Christian rap artist, Trip Lee, who writes about the life everyone longs for, “The Good Life”. In this book he explores the idea that society tells us what’s the good life then what the Christian Bible defines as what’s the good life. Through analyzing this book I’ve chosen the good life suggested by the Bible declaring internal life instead of the endless chase of happiness the world offers. The core values that I strive to define me is what the Christian Bible calls the good life.

If I were to record my exact beliefs and values I would just be restating the many major points of the Christian Bible’s New Testament. To start off, when I use the term, at any moment in this writing,   Christian I’m not only referring the Christianity religion but more of the relationship aspect with the savior Jesus Christ and his father the Creator. Every day I strive to be more Christ like, meaning my hope is that the values I hold are the same as Jesus’. When young Christians begin to walk the Bible road they’re often told to ask themselves, in time of need or a moment concerning a vital decision, what would Jesus do? This question test the Christian in two ways, one is if they actually know enough about Christ from his word about the actions he would do in today’s society. I’m called to everyday get in my Bible and spend time with the author so that I can strengthen my values and reassure my heart. The second responsibility a Christian has in order to follow Christ is to have the willpower and reliance on the Father to make the same decisions Jesus would make. The temptation to sin is too great for an individual to take on by themselves, but the harder we try to follow Christ the more he’s there to help us out in the sticky situations we get ourselves in.  Many times we as humans make the wrong decision while knowing what the right choice truly was, but we all have the power and opportunity to fix the wrong we’ve committed. Trip Lee’s book discusses the fact that we’re free to make our own choices which means we’re capable of great good and bad. To use our power of freedom to ruins someone day proves we are a selfish people who don’t have footsteps to follow and so we create our own path of destruction towards a realm of destruction.

Galatians chapter two verse twenty, a passage in the Bible’s New Testament (NIV), states “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” This scripture infers that my life is not my own but I live for someone and something greater than anything that could be found materialize wise. My mind is now one with Christ meaning I live to serve others just as Christ served the world. Jesus stated that the greatest commandment set before them was to love their neighbor. Loving everyone means sacrificing your wants for others, even if another’s laws may not always seem just.

This would have been a much shorter paper assignment if I were to state in black and white what my values and beliefs were and an even longer one if I were to accurately clarify my terms. A persons philosophy can’t be right or wrong because it’s what there sure of in their head, it’s impossible to accurately judge someone’s written philosophy because it’s their thoughts on paper. When writing papers such as these I don’t try to follow an exact method of writing but put down what my heart wants the writer to infer about me. Just by reading the text I can almost be assured that the reader can deduce what my value and morals are and I believe others who have a genuine relationship with Christ could pick up my thoughts in the first paragraph.


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