Ethics with Religion II

On a normal basis, I ask myself, “What if I didn’t believe in the religion that I follow, would my thoughts, feelings and personality change?”. The answer to this question is for me an obvious yes. Without my belief I would have no reason to steal and successfully get away with it. I’d be a whole difference person if I weren’t to hold myself accountable for the belief that I follow. I would act before thinking and not ponder about the consequence after. My interest would always come before that of others, including the laws set by society that supports the common good of the people.

Kai Nielsen, a college professor of philosophy, states that one of the reasons that everyone is aware of morals that define what’s right and wrong is the history of a person. He states that everyone has derived from a tribe, that can be recorded as the first developed humans, that set up standards of living. Their standards were factors that lead to advantages for their group. The standards also set their value and what they deem as vital, and throughout history some of those values strengthened  in society while some disappeared. Due to this reasoning everyone has moral codes that they follow that derived from their ancestors who defined what makes a person happy.

Kai makes a valid point concerning the origin of the morals of society but when specifically speaking of America, what has made us morally sound is the Christian heritage of the country. Countries that don’t have a religious doctrine to follow have been recorded to have absurd traditions and act without any remorse. Religions declare the morals of a country by doing usually what their doctrine calls them to do, go tell everyone around them about the greatness of their belief. If the people who came to America didn’t have a religious code they would, without second thought, spontaneously kill anything that got in the way of their success and happiness. Most of the tribes recorded from long ago were noted to have a spiritual or religious belief that set the standard to what many people view as ethical today.

This blog was actually difficult to right, it seemed I couldn’t get my thoughts on paper and many of my statements are unclear. If you have any suggestions on how to revise or  if you have any comments concerning this writing, please don’t hesitate.


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