Culture Shaped My Future

As a kid I always longed to be a policeman, than it just seemed like an unreachable dream but now it’s become a quick approaching goal. My intended major is criminology, by studying the criminal mind and excelling in law enforcement activity my desire is to be employed as a Police Detective. By attaining a degree in criminal justice I would be able to fulfill my childhood desire of upholding justice similar to the way the child adored animated superheroes would. It wasn’t just the super powers of the heroes that enticed me but the fact that because they wouldn’t let anything get in their way they were adored by many.
Heroes in everyday living stand out from people, who do the norm, and instead of complaining about their community they make a difference and big or small the action it usually concludes with a huge impact. These cool aspects of a hero pulled me in and drove me to become a crime fighter, whether people notice it or not police keep justice in the nation we live in and I couldn’t long for a more honorable job than that. As the years passed since crime fighting became my dream, my feelings towards police work grew but I never became as intrigued in the crime investigator shows as I was in the unrealistic superhero shows. I understand that the detective work I see in the crime shows such as Cold Case, CSI and Hawaii Five 0 are all actions that I would be doing when I accomplish my goal, actions that I would be proud to do. The more I watch these shows, the more it feels like I’m just watching my dream instead of trying to reach for it, the Batman, Superman shows encouraged me because of the mesmerizing determination and reason for fighting each crime fighter had. Instead of crime fighting being something I just do for money I want live life knowing I’m helping others and impacting others just like how superheroes did to me.
The steps that I take each day to accomplish my goal is going on online or asking others in this profession the actions I need to take to become the best at what I’ll do in the future. In past scenarios I’ve had time to talk with my High School policeman about classes I should take in high school and how I should go about the next step in my life. I was also grateful enough to not only talk with law enforcers in my community but I was given the opportunity to talk with security for President Obama during his rally in Iowa. He laid out all of the steps that I needed to take in order to get to his profession. At my age it’s hard for me to get really involved in police work, but I’ve already planned for future cop ride alongs and other opportunities that I will not hesitate to take advantage of. I’ve checked multiple college websites to check their criminology program and came to the conclusion that this school will not only provide me with high quality education but a great environment for me to make my dream into a reality.


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