Date of Birth

Birth has been known to be a spiritual experience that causes parents to have feelings that they can’t quite make out. What appears to be even more magical than the entrance of a baby into this world, are the events that occur throughout the babies life as they age and give birth to their own child. These remarkable facts are what cause us to celebrate one another’s life as we, yearly, commemorate the birth of our friends.

Birthdays are not meant to be an unadorned anniversary, keeping track only of the age of a person as they rot, but were created to honor a person’s life and accomplishments made that far. A birthday also has the possibility of giving an individual the joy of becoming an adult, voting, driving, and being wed; but of course the birth date activities and privileges vary culture to culture. In America, and many other areas, a birthday is celebrated with a party marked by a cake that contains candles which will grant an individual a secret wish, and the day also includes presents for the one being honored.

The birthdays that we celebrate in this country are usually about the role that friends and families have played throughout one’s life.  People with an importance in someone’s life are invited to that someone’s birthday party to show their gratitude for that person’s life.  In other countries, such as in the country of Sudan, birthdays aren’t celebrated which is a hard concept for me to fully take in, due to the fact that remembering one’s birth is a huge occurrence in America. This fact proves to be yet another factor showing how fortunate we are to live in western society.

 For me,  hearing a, “happy birthday!’’, means that someone cares about me, and  to know that people in the world don’t get that feeling, the feeling to be praised just for being born,  hardens my heart. A birthday also gives us an opportunity to honor those who have passed allowing us to reflect on how our lives compare to theirs, and examples that are well known of birth dates are president’s birthdays, famous peoples birthdays and Christmas. Those who aren’t celebrated for their birth almost lose some sense of identity without knowing how great your life means to some people. I encourage everyone to be thankful for those who care about you and are willing to honor your life and to pass on the love, because not everyone gets the equal amount of praise for persisting through life.


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