Nothing really matters, that thought is a belief that most people accept in some point of their lives. The American dream is to live substantially, have 2.5 children and a perfect spouse. The nothing really matters believer would question, what is the meaning of the dream? MOst people never achieve true happiness, they’re too busy working for their dream, societies standards. My answer to the depressed believer’s question is that there is no meaning to the dream. Once the dream is accomplished, you die and leave on the dream to the next go getter. The earth will easily find someone to replace you, you’re legacy may live on but it does nothing for you because you have died.

All the work that people do for recognition or self-pleasure goes to waste after death. People build themselves up only to have their titles given to an individual who may or may not deserve it. Kings who gain many riches and create a great name for their kingdom are soon forgotten after death and the successor is given the same name the last King had created. If we as citizens of America achieve our dream than there is no great substance that dream. It’s been said that the sun has seen everything, nothing is new, people live the same lives to only forfeit it to death.

The only factor that can destroy this meaningless curse is the act of love. The greatest reason for living is impacting others. When people live for something bigger than themselves, a cause or even an individual than they may have the opportunity of dying with a smile on their face. Selfish thoughts may allow us to believe toil is worthless but when doing it for others who are greatly impacted means that your life is doing a favor to the lives of many. If we as humans, not just secluded to America, live for the benefit of each other than we’ve found the meaning that gives us reason.


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