Writing History in American Schools

Language art classes are a necessity in order to graduate high school and enroll into an effective college and or university, but these classes have also taught me about the culture of my society as well as the most efficient ways to communicate my ideas to my fellow man. In elementary school Language Arts gave me the opportunity to be creative thus allowing my ideas to emerge and not to be judge for however absurd they seem. My passion for creative thought as well as this school curriculum flourished until I was introduced to grammar. The introduction of grammar and syntax meant that I had to put my ideas on paper a certain way, and it was a way I didn’t quite understand and am still struggling to grasp today. In middle school a lot of the assignments for Language class was reading and then analyzing which I didn’t have a problem with the coursework actually allowed me to keep my grade up compared to the area I was slacking, writing and grammar. I never understood why I couldn’t write how I talked, it seemed to me that I would get my point across more efficiently. Nevertheless, I gave in to the teachings and attempted to compromise my method of writing with it. In high school, at first, the Language art classes were a breeze compared to the various work in middle school. The teacher would grade on completion meaning I could be lazy with my writing and ignore the grammar rules but still achieve an excellent grade. I quickly learned that this type of Language art student wouldn’t fly by with this behavior throughout all of high school. After I took the required Language art ninth and tenth grade classes I had my mind set on taking Advanced Placement Language and Composition. My older brother had taken the AP class his junior year so I believed that if he passed it I would be able to take the class with the same ease I had freshman and sophomore year. Teachers and my fellow students who had already completed the class in formed that it’s vital to take upon entrance of college, and so I changed my thought to that the class may be a bit of challenge but the work load couldn’t have compared to that of the three AP classes I had taken my sophomore year. The first day of AP Lang. and Comp. I was surprised by Dr. Ayers, my honorable junior year LA teacher, that I would be writing him a letter informing him what type of student I am. This first assignment forced me to be nervous, because it would set the tone for the teacher not only informing him on how I will behave in class but on my writing style which I already knew would not be to his standard. To my disappoint I never received the assignment back nor attained feedback but I was positive it wasn’t to his liking, and that moment I knew it would be a long school year. Weeks flew by as assignments and projects were given that I put mediocre work on, but I can slowly feel my writing improving. Just a couple months in the AP lang. class assured me this class would prepare me for college, and despite my past views on writing and the rules of the English language I learned if this class doesn’t alter my permissive writing behavior no class will.


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