of Immortality

Through my seventeen years of life I can gladly say I don’t have many regrets, which means a life well lived as well as a life that’s just beginning. I would find it not only as unnatural but miserable to be alive forever. The desire of immortality has been one for as long as historians can trace back. People don’t like the thought that all their toil on earth is meaningless and that everything they found to be good will be taken away from them after death. To be immortal, clarifying terms I mean to live forever excluding all unforeseen deathly scenarios in one’s life, is to forever enjoy the pleasures on earth but gives one the pain to bear because of the death of friends and the time given to meditate on the true nature of humanity. The question of wanting immortality or not is a question on belief and my belief is that humans on their own are sinful selfish creatures. Living throughout the eras of time I would only find myself disliking people even more.

If I were to be immortal I would find myself doing the same as John. I would constantly move to different areas for at least every six years not only because those around me might figure out about my extensive life, but the short time would allow me to refrain from creating close connections with those around me. I would use my time by learning more about the different areas of the world and their culture. My goal while being immortal would be to abstain from attempting suicide and learn more about the world I live in so I could help better it.

The negatives of being immortal could be put on a lengthy list discussing sad facts given to an individual when born, but sad facts one would have to cope with for eternity. Everyone grows older meaning everyone is given life experience and all those different experiences have the possibility of getting mixed up. You would forget the people that meant something to you those who helped you create an identity that is if you ever had one. Immortality would force anyone to continually move to different areas which mean that their identity gets lost with each group they spend time with and then move on. Everyone you once knew would die forcing you to live with the constant dread of loneliness. In conclusion I look forward to grow old and make a name for myself but it will be my legacy that will allow me to be immortal.  My belief would allow me to go on and on about the disadvantages of immortality, and although I’m a bit nervous about the afterlife I still say, “Give me death”.  


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