Slavery Builds Societies

Slavery in Africa had become common after the Bantu spread agriculture to all parts of the continent. This can be said in many countries, because of growing agriculture plantations a need for labor workers appeared and slaves seemed to always be the best option. Slavery began in remote areas until the nineteenth century when the settled agricultural people placed slaves into their society. Slaves were obtained after wars by taking of the captives and putting them into work. Criminals and outcast were also subjected to slavery. In order for the agricultural people to get the most out of their land they had to work slaves hard causing them to have no personal rights meaning that they were something an individual could own. African slaves in the Songhai Empire would be cultivators, administrators and soldiers. Slavery became popular because of the introduction to it from some Europeans, Africa’s vast population and their excess of land with a labor shortage. Once people in power learned that they could buy slaves instead of capturing them slave trade became popular. Slavery found its way in America because of the Portuguese, Spanish and English colonist. When the colonist discovered how successful sugar plantation production occurred they decided to adopt the idea of owning someone so they’ll work for you. The popularity of slaves in the Americas caused the development of the triangular slave trade. Because of different geography and different crops the African people stood no chance against becoming enslaved to European people, their advance weapons and tactics gave them a huge advantage. This said, the capturing of slaves in Africa were brutal and a violent affair. With this method of attaining slaves big boats were needed to hold all of the slaves that were entertaining the Americas.  Europeans pursue for their commercial interest in Africa and the Americas gave the country much wealth. Slavery was practiced for years after it became popular and it helped allow the great wealth of areas we see in today’s society.


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