Grades Abolished!

The school system of the United States should abolish the grading letter system because grading is responsible for a loss of interest in learning, causes students to become stressed which is why they forget the material learned , and doesn’t really help a student do better in school. Our society has transformed grades into a reward system for those who are self-motivated to do well academically. One reason grades were established was to encourage those who proved to be intelligent in academics but were not motivated to do well in school. Many researches have proved that grades are not the way to motivate students and professors inform society that the grading system is unreliable and grading inflation in our school system has gotten out of control.

Students have become obsessed about reaching the grade they want which leaves them without a want to actually learn the information they’re presented in schools. For this reason school has become a place for social connections instead of an area where peers gather together to learn facts that will help them later in life. Starting from kindergarten kids arrive at school to attain new information and make friends while doing it but the school grading system is putting halt on learning and applying what’s learned to their lives. This is more of a problem for students in High School and in college who are entering their start of lives and must apply what they learned. Research done by Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, a professor of psychology at Columbia University in New York, states that kids who are given the letter grade F tend to group together in school which is another factor causing students to believe that school is a building to socialize with friends. Because of the workload given to students to maintain a grade that their parental figure would be proud of students are pressured to complete school work without retaining the information making graded homework and assignments useless. For these reasons students are working for the grade and not trying to attain the information. If anything grades replaced the motivational impact intelligence should have on students. Only when students have an interest on a subject is when learning will happen.

Summer, three months of relaxation from school and too much work, has proved to be a factor why students come to school forgetting the material they learned the previous school year. In an article written by Mark Barnes an employee for the International Society for Technology in Education he states that Grades were used as a measuring tool but have just become a stress to students as well as the teachers. The A+ in a class that every student desperately wants has caused anxiety in their lives. An article that’s listed on the anxiety guru, a website that provides hope and healing to society, informs that anxiety, stress,  and depression, factors caused by the grading system (Information taken from my life), led to a loss of memory. As you age memory loss occurs which is due to stress which has obviously become a more serious factor that generally starts from grade school. The same article on Anxiety Guru informs the reader that stress can also led to heart problems and will affect brain functions. The reason for these problems is because when an individual is stressed cortisol, a hormone in the body, is released which has been noted to affect ability to remember and will cause an excess in belly fat that becomes the reason for heart problems, all of this caused because of the stress that comes from grades. Students catch on really quick to the grading system, get good grades and get out as fast as you can, in attempt to get past the stress as fast as you can.


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