Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of discussions concerning coffee and coffee shops. Being a junior in high school I hear and see a lot of my fellow classmates drink coffee to prepare themselves for the early school day or allow them to study for longer late at night. Coffee seems to be an abused substance for teens to use as an excuse for their busy lives at such a young age. For some reason I refuse to believe that my peers drink coffee just to get through the day but they drink it because it’s the thing to do. Teens aspire to be adult like as much as possible, for multiple reasons I won’t get into, and when they see those that are older than them drinking the caffeinated beverage they try it as well believing it will make them seem more mature. Some enjoy the taste of coffee which makes them instantly hooked while others don’t prefer the original taste of coffee and so as an effort to fit in and learn to like the substance they add in ingredients to make the drink enjoyable. When talking about the negative side effects of coffee I’m very much uninformed which leads me to believe that my classmates are ignorant to the effects as well. I can only deduce that the way coffee is becoming so popular is the same way that smoking had become the cool thing to do. Instead of coffee being recognized as bad and needed to be banned like coffee the substance has actually flourished, and so much so that there are stores that dedicate themselves to the production and selling of coffee as well as various caffeinated beverages. A place such as this that has taken over every street corner is Starbucks a coffee company that’s existed since 1971.The Company in the region that I live has been recognized as a cool place to hang out with friends or a place to talk business with people. The place has become a necessity in many people’s lives. There is not a day that passes by when I see or hear Starbucks. If I’m not hearing my friends complain about not getting their Starbucks large cup coffee than I’m looking at another student ingest their own Starbucks’s cup. Personally I despise the taste and smell of coffee. I don’t understand how an individual could become addicted to a substance which I find difficult to stomach. I would like to say that drinking the beverage is a acquired taste but in today’s society it has become a taste you must learn to love.


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