Significance of Children

Kids have always been a vital factor in cultures all over the world. Because the children in a society are the future leaders of that society they’re emphasized as being very important. I actually believe that it would be an understatement to state that kids are actually the individuals who determine how people act in society. For example the saying people make before doing an inappropriate act, “Not in front of the kid.” Movies, which are a source of America’s most popular entertainment, are rated according to what is found to be appropriate for children. We wouldn’t want our kids growing up in a place where all they see is evil and a area that only causes them to face hardship. If all kids saw were the seriousness that older people had to take on they would think life is boring. Adults and teens have an opportunity to let go of their stress by entertaining kids thus giving them an excuse to act as silly as they want.

Every parent knows that children are significantly honest almost to a fault. Kids keep it real with whoever they’re with and they won’t judge people, but instead state the obvious of what adults think but are afraid to say. Not only should we teach children so they can become successful and so they can become a noticed generation but while doing this we could also take lessons from them. Children state what’s on their mind and aren’t afraid to ask questions, which are characteristics we should keep throughout life. Being a 17 year old in high school I have the opportunity to look back on my minimal years of life and state I’m not everything that I planned to be roughly ten years ago.

As we age it seems that the creativity we possessed as kids get sucked out of us from not only the education system but society and life itself. Life states what’s realistic and what isn’t, which is hard on a kid who always wanted to fly like superman. The adult generation that currently rules society also play a hand in deciding what’s real meaning they also have the power to crush a kid’s dream. It’s been said that the most precious thing that in the world is an individuals dream. A persons dream gives them the possibility to change the world. If it wasn’t for the dreams people come up with as children than we might not have half of the stuff we do today. Kids should be embraced and utilized in a society. A well nurtured child has great possibilities and their environment decides what person they will grow to be.



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