Joy, “A feeling of great pleasure and happiness”, is how the word is defined on the Google search engine. I do not only find this definition to be weak for this word but I find it to be slightly inaccurate. Joy isn’t just a feeling of satisfaction but I find it to be a feeling that no one has the capability of putting into words. To experience true joy one must be at peace with themselves and the world around them showing they aren’t suffering like our culture would like them to. A joyous person has optimistic views thanks to their self-realization. People like this instantly become recognized by their community whether it’s their contagious smile or attitude when faced with trouble.

These qualities of joy sound nice and is something everyone would like to accomplish which is why we as a culture weakened the word joy. People like to be characterized as joyous but because the word is such a hard goal to strive to we made the qualities easier to meet. Nowadays it seems that happy and joyous are synonyms but I disagree with the statement and believe that our culture morphed the words because joy is such an indescribable word and it became an easier goal to reach. Also, like other words in the American dictionary, the word has been abused because of its inappropriate use in speeches as leaders make it sound like an easy goal to accomplish.

To reach the status of joy requires a lot of work. Most people don’t understand that to attain joy means to overcome anything that has you bound. Freedom is the biggest key to joy and to accomplish this one usually must go through a time of grief and great introspection. People get broken by the harshness of this world that we live in and refuse to be fixed. Often we fool ourselves to think we’re fixed although our problem was never solved. The more issues we have the more we build on to our problems. To actually attain joy would take years to accomplish and many people don’t have the patience nor the confidence to endure the struggle. It is time for people to wake up and realize their in bondage from something their afraid to admit. Everyone deals with something and it is time to conquer the struggle and come out of it with unspeakable joy.


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