Movie Reveiw: The Amistad

This is a perfect movie to watch after the musical 1776 concerning the American Revolution. The protagonist in the musical 1776, John Adams demonstrates his moral and political beliefs in The Amistad through his son John Quincy Adams who had a prominent role in the court case of the Amistad. At the end of the movie Quincy Adams justified the freedom of the Africans on the Amistad and how they were illegally taken and brought to America as slaves. Throughout the whole movie the abolitionist supporting the Amistad Africans and their lawyer fight against political forces and the only way they believe the Africans will win is with the help of the old president Quincy Adams. The movie begins quite explicit with the showing of blood in the intense physical fight of the Amistad sailors and the Africans. Two sailors had the job to direct the Africans back home but instead tricked them and brought them under towards another U.S. ship. The court case concerning the Africans on the Amistad was do they belong to the French who kidnapped them and were planning on selling them to America, did they belong to the two sailors who were travelling with them planning on getting money from them, or were they illegally taken from their homeland and their families. After the Africans had communicated their point of view to their lawyer then judge (Despite the language barrier between the two groups), and other various events in the movie the stolen Africans were sent back home to the Congo. The Amistad relates with what we’re talking about in class right now because it shows the strong tensions between the north and south that could lead to a civil war. The Democratic South watched the Amistad court case closely hoping the Africans would somehow become enslaved and sold, but instead the case showed the progress of the abolition movement. This Amistad case is one of the leading factors that contributed to the American Civil War and it’s only second to the Dred Scot case.

This is my first movie review which I decided to write because of the African and American concepts I’ve talked about multiple times in my blog. To justify myself for writing and my topic of my blog being culture is that history movies like this help lay the background for what I have and will discuss in this blog. The story of the Amistad is an example of Americans intellectual and moral manifestations that lead us into the culture we live in today. My hope is to expand on this in future post to come.


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