Lately I’ve been pondering on the reason why everyone around my age, which is 17, is so desperate to have a companion they can claim affections for. All of my male friends continuously discuss their status on getting a girl to be their girlfriend or their current status with their girlfriend. Usually I just nod my head and listen while acting what their telling me is going to somehow impact me greatly, but the other day a friend on the bowling team with me at our high school began telling me the drama going on with him and his search for a girlfriend. Instead of humoring my friend this time, like regularly, I just completely ignored what he was saying, but he continued to talk. After he was done with his babbling he waited for me to give him some kind of response such as suggestion or at least a nod assuring him that I actually care about what he’s telling me. I gave him no reply which forced him to get my attention, which he did, by asking me a question about my relationship status. He asked, “So what girl are you trying to talk to?” and I replied none. My response startled him and forced him to think I was lying. He accused me of being shy and persisted I tell him the girl that I like at the current moment. I told him that I’m not really interested in anyone right now and I’m just trying to lay low. He responded with a head nod in agreement (It was the “sure whatever you say head nod) and we left the subject. What I found interesting about the discussion on the topic was that he found it impossible that I didn’t currently like any girl. What I noticed than is that’s how every friend or even teenager I run in with seem to act. They always have to be liking someone and they always want to feel like their loved. I began to wonder why I’m so different compared to my pupils in high school. I came to the conclusion that the thought process must start when we’re young. 

            I introspected on my life and thought about the factors that could make want to search for love so intently like some of my other friends. The first factor that came to my mind was my parents who have been married since my birth. As an elementary school kid I did admire their love for one another and wished the same for me in the future. Young kids spend most of their time with their parents who usually demonstrate happiness and I have not found one individual on earth who would not like happiness in their life. Another factor that I’ve thought about is media and culture. Little kids are introduced to media usually through the television or movies that usually are animated characters. Many of these animated characters I’ve watched while young deal with love in some sort of way. I mainly see love and romantic plots in a lot of kid movies. Disney movies are the first that come to my mind. These movies usually have a theme of guy and girl character falling in love. Everyone wants that prince and princess story and because Disney knows that what people want they feed it to society. Kids observe cartoon characters living happy lives with the ones they love and decide they want that for themselves. The last factor is how our culture is almost based around love and romance. Every holiday seems to be a time to act romantic especially Valentine’s Day which forces kids to find someone to like. Marriage is known as big beautiful ceremony honoring the connection between two people and what person would not want to have a ceremony where they’re the main focus. Basically all the factors deal with the society that we live in which harbors the lust of having someone to love. I haven’t quite decided if society telling young citizens that one of their biggest focus in life is finding that special someone is a good thing or not. Other societies have marriages set up for them meaning their not even sure what love is. Either way I do believe love will find a way and it’s not something I must keep myself occupied on, because when I do find the one I love any of my other searches would seem for naught.


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