Tearing Down Greed

Day in and day out people in general don’t respect the things that’s given to them. A day possibly even an hour does not go by when I hear people complaining or I’m complaining about something. I never really take time and recognize how grateful I am, and how others have it far worse than me. For people in this world to truly attain peace I believe one must learn to appreciate what they have.

Affluence has become a big problem in America. People are always wanting more things that seem unnecessary. I suppose the American dream helped fuel this want for things that is advertised to look cool. If people learn to be satisfied with the things that they have life would be less stressful and you wouldn’t always have to worry about keeping yourself with the next trend.

Understanding how lucky some of us are also causes us to become a more kind and thoughtful individual. Looking up will allow us to learn how blessed we are compared to those around us. We’ll stop worrying about ourselves and our image thus forcing us to use our time by aiding those who are struggling in life. Take some time every day to find things to be thankful for because when you’re not worrying about the negatives you’ll seem less like a negative person.


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