(Throwback) Older View of Justice

         My general belief is that sometimes a person has to break the law to make sure justice is served. I agreed with this because everyone has their own view of justice and how they think it should be handled may be different and seem unjust to the next guy. If a relative or close friend was murdered true justice could never be served even if the murder was given the death penalty that friend or relative would still gone. If an individual is attempting to seek justice on their own they would have to break laws to succeed. The government and justice systems have to make sure that justice is served and they can’t do it with complete accuracy for everyone. Many systems even in the United States society have become corrupt and have a very different view of justice causing people to break laws. People in our society and others have noticed this and created many book and movie about it such as the movie Taken. The movie suggested that one was able to travel countries and break many rules to seek justice and have safety for a loved one. 


One response to “(Throwback) Older View of Justice

  1. This is an earlier writing I wrote on justice. I revised it a little gramatically but not too much because I want the reader to detect the childish ignorance. I advise whoever reads this to look back at some of my other writings about justice and the right things to do.

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