The Belief of Violence in Video Games

Video games causing a violent shade in teens and our society today?  Some may say that’s preposterous others may say that studies tell us that video games are playing big violent role.  This article will explain an opinionated view from a teen on telling if video games and violence go together. I read an article called Video Game Violence: How Much Is Too Much? By Karen Moltenbrey saying, “Violent content in video games: It is a hot-button topic where fact and opinion are at odds (page 2, 1st paragraph). I wanted to state that quote so that before this article is read I do understand everyone does have their own opinion, especially on this topic. Throughout the next few paragraphs I’ll inform you that information has failed to show that video games are causing physical violence in both society and among teenagers.

People claim that they’ve said life changing things to tell how harmful video games can be, and the following tells you of a few those claims. You’ll find in many articles that the video game and violence have been a concern to parents, in some of these articles you may even find parents attempting to explain how their kids have changed to a violent nature when buying an M rated violent game.  Many would insist that games can cause emotional violence (information that I don’t doubt) between people who learn from certain video games of how to hurt someone’s sense of safety, possibly why physical violent acts may be caused. It has been said that the more realistic violence seems the bigger negative effect on people it’s causing to do vicious acts. Lastly a lot of people would say that games like Grand Theft Auto can teach a person how to steal and get away from it or any other illegal acts without any or much of a punishment.  Those beliefs were just a few things that people say to voice their opinions, but my opinion is that some of them are unstable and are fiction.

It’s said that when violence first entered into video games parents and the government was upset but then no harm was shown and I think that’s true for today, much ado about nothing. It seems that parents are not only most concerned about the violence in video games because of the welfare of their children but may be too proud to admit that they have failed to teach their kid at a young age the difference between right and wrong. A person’s physical violence caused by emotion could possibly be given to by a video game but the emotion will only come out of control when another citizen plays a negative role in one’s life. As for people doing illegal acts more than half the time its personal issues that people are dealing with in their surroundings causing them to aggressively harming society. Video games have played a bigger role in helping society rather harming it.

        No doubt video games have played a heavy role in the world but in the end most games were created for entertainment. Games bring people closer together and can be a good conversation topic. Violent games seem to be the most bought out of others not only because how real it seems but when these kinds of games are played it brings people joy to put their hand eye coordination to good use. Video war games have helped the U.S. army personally, most likely others as well, allowing us to strategize and what to do under certain situations. In conclusion on this statement you don’t need studies to tell that more people buy video games for fun affairs rather than to commit a violent act.

        Everyone has their own view on the subject of video games and violence. Many people that’ll debate on this topic will put fact and belief hand in hand but it seems that the morals of a person play a bigger part. It’s written in Teen Health & Wellness, article titled Violence And Society, “But no one has been able to prove conclusively that the violence we see and hear cause us to become violent” (Page 1, 4th paragraph). The opinion in this article may be strong  but the last sentence is true and until the day that fact tells the physical destruction of our society violent video games will still be popular and known as fun. In the same article directly right after the sentence above it stated, “Despite this lack of hard evidence it’s likely that we are negatively influenced by the violent messages and situations that we encounter through the entertainment media (page 1, 4th paragraph). Although some video games may have a negative effect on society I believe that if you were to compare the positive with the negative you’ll find that the good out ways the bad, by far. Through many studies people have failed to prove some of their theories about violence in video games, making it true to say that Information has failed to show that video games are causing physical violence in both society and among teenagers.



Moltenbrey, Karen. “Video Game Violence: How Much is Too Much?.” Computer Graphics World Nov. 2009: 4. Academic Search Elite. Web. 16 Jan. 2014. and Society


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