If you would like more facts rather than an emotional appeal, like this essay below, watch the above video.

Concerning the topic of animal testing please personally consider the benefits but also the unethical harms. Personally I have mixed feelings on the subject, because it does seem that humans have a certain power over other animals on earth allowing us to survive but should we abuse our powers. Is it right for us to demolish a population of an animal in order to find the cure to a deathly human disease, or should we use our power over them to take care of them and value their lives making humans become a more caring people? It seems that the testing of animals is another act of exploitation that we’ve committed, and the reason that I keep using the word “we”, although it’s just the scientist who are doing the testing on the animals, is because we purposely or ignorantly accept the benefits of animal testing or we push it off for discussion keeping it as a argumentative essay topic for high schoolers to write about. I do slightly lean towards the fact that animal testing that inflicts some kind of harm is unethical. I don’t believe that anyone could honestly state that they’re alright with looking at an animal that seems to be in distress and allow their pain to continue unless they’re some kind of monster, but we all sit idly by allowing it to occur.


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