Has Teen Depression Increased?

Nowadays teens seem more stressed than they have ever been before. Teens don’t only have to deal with the hormone havoc their body causes but are they’re also faced with challenges that their parents in the past had to deal with. In this post I’ll prove to my reader that this current generation of teenagers is facing more hardships than the teens in the past. A psychological questionnaire that was published in an issue of Clinical Psychology Review stated that more young people are reporting depression and mental health problems that could be caused by stress more than ever before. A piece of the data stated that depression has increased from 1% to 6%, the numbers were compared from a teenage group in 1938 to a group in 2007.There are multiple factors that attribute to this increase in depression and stress. The change in the world around us is what caused us to be more stressed than ever before. It’s almost as if we as humans have been growing more and more anxious throughout generations. Psychologist Robert Leahy states that the average high school kid has the same anxiety level as the average psychiatric patient in the early 1950s.
One of the reasons for a lot of this teenage stress is the emotional struggles in family life. Stressed parents will raise children who will become stressed as well. Multiple studies show that many parents aren’t prepared, maturity wise, to raise a kid causing them a great deal of stress which is then hand off to their kid. Another reason for more anxiety in teens is the new material things created forcing teens to keep up with the trends of their generation. Jeane Twenge, an associate psychology professor at San Diego University, states “We have become a culture that focuses more on material things and less on relationships.” The status of teen depression is predicted to get worse in the future unless a great change comes about ushering a generation that could relate with one another and express their true thoughts and emotions.



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