Issue of Genetically Modified Organsisms

Genetically modified organisms have become a vital part in our culture and it’s an issue that will often get looked over. GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) are living organisms that are altered on a molecular level in order to make the product more beneficial for the consumer. An example of this molecular change and benefits are cash crops that contain bacterial genes in order to create a higher yield, and contain more nutrients than it would without the molecular change. It’s also molecular change when scientist alter the DNA of an organism which could be plants, animals or microorganisms. A common example of this molecular alteration is the tomato, which was once a small unappetizing fruit but years of breeding and genetic engineering allowed the fruit to become widely used today. GMO’s may sound and look good but they are not all safe to consume or safe for the environment. Some changes to crops as well as the use of pesticides have caused allergic responses, and a few diseases. Without care some food we eat could become toxic to humans. This is rare that humans become biologically harmed because of GMOs but the risk is still there and many procedures must occur to make sure it’s safe for the consumer.  Some  pesticides that are used can impact the environment in a negative way as well. Weeds can be produced thanks to pesticide as well as bacteria in  plants creating a resistance making the plant restitant to pesticides and more dangerous.tThere are also harmful side effects that have occured due to modified organsims but have gone unnoticed. Scientist are still unsure of all the effects the organism can have on an indvidual and the environment making GMOs a very risky product. Another  issue that some see with GMOs is that it’s ethically wrong, as we make it seem like we’re playing God. Perhaps the earth produces food a certain way so we reap the benefits but we have altered food because of our afflluence but our changes are putting ourselves in harm. Personally I find that all theses negatives of modified foods should be recognized as potentially being a great harm but there are also a lot of benefits to them. Since the country we live in is a democratic one I believe the people should decide what food they should consume viewing it as dangerous or safe, but first the consumers needs to be informed what foods are genetically modified. In order for people to be in control of what they eat without a fear of being harmed all food that’s been modified should be labeled as such.


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