Outline of Banning Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I. Thesis: The death penalty should be banned and found immoral in the United states because in most civilized countries it’s been banned, it’s eating up the American dollars because of its high cost and this method of punishment has in no way found to decrease the crime rate.

II. Degrading to America, Banned in other countries.

1.            Today, over half the countries have abolished the death penalty.

2.            Ethical Reasons, loving life.

3.            Person convicted of false crime.


III. Financial cost is too great, more than a life in prison.

1.            $4 billion dollars sum up a typical death penalty case.-Calculated by Judge Arthur Alarcon/Professor Paula Mitchell, California. Save $163,000 per case.

2.            Cost more $ to put a person on death row than it does to lock them up for the rest of their lives.-Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson.

3.            Project against the death penalty- 1750 million of tax $ goes towards this system death penalty.


IV. Doesn’t deter crime rate in any way.

1.            No one is well served by unsupportable claims about the effect of the death penalty. – Daniel Nagh. Prof. of Carnegie Mellon University and chairman of National research committee.

2.            Evidence shows the murder rate is affected by the environmental/social factors. Environment saying killing is justice is a bad environment.

V. Conclusion:

These facts are just a few reasons why it should be outlawed, there are plenty more facts entailing on this gruesome form of punishment. When all is said and done, a criminal will usually get the option to be in jail for life or become subject to the death penalty, study shows that many choose life in prison, making the death penalty void, there’s no use for it if it’s so rarely used. The death penalty should be in no way shape or form a way to ensure justice but rather is a practice of revenge and increases the legalism rule that so many in past societies feared. The death penalty strengthens rebellion against the government and is why officials are viewed the way they are today, the death penalty has harmed this country and will continue to until it’s completely eradicated.


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