Food is Culture

Food is one of the greatest factors that brings all of us together. Food does so much more than just provide nourishment for the body but it also brings us together and can allow us to grow closer together as a culture. America is said to be like a melting pot of different cultures and traditions but since everyone needs food we can’t help not unite as one culture to enjoy the dish set before us.

Many families seem to spark up conversation while sitting at the table during meal time. Bonds are created and interesting topics get discussed during meal time. It’s a time to not only reflect on the events of the day (Be them good or bad) but also proves to be a time when one should be empathetic. Unforgettable stories are told at the dinner table and taboos are talked about, which can become an oppurtunity for a life lesson to be taught.

About every culture has a celebration of food thus allowing us to enjoy something we need together. Food alone has the possibility of creating peace in disturbed areas by bringing two different values together and demonstrating the enjoyment one can have when life itself is valued.  Food has become such a big part of our lives and has done so much to create traditions of multiple cultres one can deduce that food is culture.


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