Review of Philosophy textbook/ Speaking on topics in Philosophy Club

9780195311617_p0_v1_s260x420Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Readings / Edition 4:

One of the wisest words that I’ve ever heard is, “…Because if I ever second guess myself…that’ll be the day when it’s all over!” I find these words vital because the moment when people start doubting their beliefs is when they lost every battle (Emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, etc.). The type of people that don’t have a foundation belief will fall for everything. These types of individuals are the ones who break down when in a tough situation, from people who are greatly insecure about themselves to murders that are feared and hated by society. This being stated I do read the textbook with some skepticism and never had I read something from it and compromised it with my beliefs that I spent sixteen years plus gathering. The writer of the textbook never states what’s right philosophy or what’s wrong but he allows the reader to question their own belief, which indeed is something I’ve pondered about but the removal of all doubt is the key to all success.

Parents and Society are all factors on what goes into an individual’s philosophy but there comes a time when that philosopher has to decide what they know us truly right or wrong. This book has proven to be another factor created by society that has done nothing more than entertains my thought. The words written in this philosophy book is interesting to read, and at times laughable.  At the end of the day I can rest assure that I nor any other individual reading this textbook, that has the same view point I do or is just stubborn, will not be impacted in a life changing way but hold on to the thoughts we had initial to the readings.

The words that I would speak concerning the topic of the day would be no better than the end results of the textbook. I don’t want the things that come out of my mouth that seem meaningful to me be disregarded and insulted by fellow philosophers with a closed mind. Just as the book entertains my thought the things I say will go in through one ear and out the other. Despite my lack of participation, which would be a sufficient way to conclude on ones rank in a class as such, I really do get a kick out of this class and it will most likely go down as one of my favorites at Kennedy High School. It’s beyond words delightful to watch a group of enlightened individuals blend each other’s idea to what I refer to the melting pot our country, America symbolizes.


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