My City Impacted Me


Cedar Rapids, Iowa, City of Five Season, (Isn’t known for, well anything other than its housing of Ashton Kutcher) throughout these seventeen years this city has become a place that I call home, the place where one lives as a member of a family. For a short period in my life I lived in Hickory, North Carolina with my parents Rod and Karen Dooley and my three year older brother Scott Dooley until I turned eleven months and we moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. This is when what I can remember of my life’s adventure started; most of my memories come from the time I spent as a kid at my church, Oakhill Jackson Community Church. At age sixteen I’ve become more involved with my church than ever, I don’t only tend to yard work at my church but I also help out with church activities for example to raise money for exciting and encouraging events we do many projects such as a car wash (A project for younger individuals) where I’m given a leading role and must give demands. Recently, I had a position at my church’s vacation bible school as the kids crew guide. My job as the crew guide was to take the kids to different stations, too teach them moral lessons and keep them calm. The people that I call my best friends now are all members of the church close to my age, friends that I’ve grown to love.

The peers that I’ve had the honor to work with from elementary school to high school also molded my view on Cedar Rapids and the citizens it holds. My close peers have grown to impact my life greatly, so much so decisions I make are at times influenced by them. I was able to grasp the social aspect of school easily, like the majority of my peers, but it was difficult for me to find the educational part of school intriguing. School has never been my favorite part of life but I’ve learned to enjoy pursuing knowledge almost as much as developing wisdom from my environment. In high school I always stay busy, not coming home until seven to ten o’clock due to the activities that I participated in, but still maintained a 3.80 GPA. My education does not stop over the summer, from eight in the morning to noon I attend the Academy for Scholastic and Personal Success. This summer program is for African American students and prepares them for college and life.

Throughout everything I do my life is full of fun and by being raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa I chose that I want to protect the ones that I love, the people that made me who I am. The world I live in inspired me to live life without regrets, give back to those who helped me achieve my goals, and I should live life impacting others in a positive way. My life has required a lot of meditation on choices and some were right others were wrong but I’d never regret any decision I’ve made because it taught me to be a better person and prepared me for future occurrences in my life.


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