Role of Church

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Again, like by previous blog of theoligian John Piper, this blog leads into my book review of “Bloodlines” by John Piper. One of the topics that I cover in my review is the ineffectiveness of the church even though they’re supposed to be the molders of moral adherence in society. In Piper’s book he addresses how the Christian church should be on one accord thus making their role model, Jesus Christ, look good. The book is primarily on how the Christ believer should deal with racism but I believe the actions of the Church on racism and other social controversies is a good subtopic that Piper should have discussed about more. The church has been decreasing in public popularity since the separation of church and state. Now, the church is viewed as a place where you attend because of tradition and the whole time there you find different things to distract or entertain yourself until service is finished. Church is meant to be a fun place where brothers and sisters gather and learn to love just like Christ had loved us upon his crucifixion.

The church has the responsibility of of comforting those emotionally and morally broken. It’s as if the church is truly a hospital for those desperately in need. It is not suppose to be a place of entertainment or a place to commit selfless acts. Nowadays churches have events for themselves, or sometimes they event other churches, but they’re slow to reach out to the community for an invitation. The more churches are involved in their community the brighter and assured that community becomes. It is the job of churches to take a strong stance on social issues in the community as well. I mention in my book review that there had been a church in Germany that wasn’t too far from a Jewish concentration camp  but they only sung their hymns louder to stop the cries from the Jews. If this church voiced these wrongs many Jews could have been saved. Churches everywhere need to now take a stand and help their community as well as the lives of many needing someone to believe in.



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