One of the greatest plagues of the society that we live in, as well as the biggest negative impact in one’s life, is rape. Now, rape is hideous no matter the form of it nor the age it may occur, but being damaged physically and emotionally like this can be most detrimental to someone at a young age. Women are usually the prime victims of rape.  It is also notable to say that women seem to be more emotional than men. This being said rape can have devastating effects on women, and even men, but I didn’t learn this great harm until I became widely open on how it impacts peoples opinions on life and stature.

At a younger, my middle school years, I didn’t understand nor really cared about the impacts of rape or how frequently it happens. In middle school I was the guy that anyone was cool to talk with. My peers knew they could confide anything to me without being judged or letting it become a conversation topic for other students. I often attempted to give solutions to peoples’ problems without knowing the severity of their pain, and this was a grave mistake. One person that comes instantly to mind is this girl that I tried talking to. She went to another school than me and we didn’t live close, so we only text. To be honest I think that I’ve only seen what she looks like a few times. While texting we often got on to the subject of life and its troubles. I mean, everyone was a philosopher and a confessionist in middle school, so it became the thing to do. She was doing most of the confessions while I gave the confident philosophical answers. She confided to me, and declared that I was the only one she told, that she was raped by a family member multiple times. Now, that year two different girls also decided to confide only in me that they were raped, so I thought I knew the answer to her problem by helping the other two with theirs, kinda. Of course I told the lady that I shouldn’t be the only one she should confess this to and that her parents should have been the first people she told. I imagined that we would battle about this topic while as I did with the other two girls I’ve discussed with. The other girls would tell me that my idea was awful and that it would cause more trouble and cause their parents to become overly protective, but this girl was different. What she told me made it seem like she didn’t care. She told me that saying anything was no use and it wouldn’t change anything. Her statements had upset me because her reaction was like a symbol of her succumbing to life. She took the defeat and hardship of life and let it destroy her not only emotionally and consciously but physically as well. This is when I woke up to notice how bad and unlawful rape really is.

Because I heard multiple girls be subjected to rape I had lost the understanding of the great consequence of rape. I talked with the girls as if rape wasn’t really a big deal and that it shouldn’t be impacting them like it does. I couldn’t understand how something that happens to you when you’re eight can still destroy you years later. When discussing the solution to rape my answer would be to just let it go, but the way I talked about it was easier than what they could have done. Honestly,  I didn’t even understand the severity of being raped and how disgusting it is. Growing up and observing how incapable people are able to handle with the negative aspects of rape have taught me that it is a plague in our society and needs to be dealt with immediately.


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