Leader Through Life


Picture Provided By: Moises Vitola



An old adage that I heard once regarding leaders states, “Leaders are not born, but they’re made.” As I look back on my life, and all the leadership positions I was given, I can now say that I somewhat agree with the above statement. I remember being put in charge of a young elementary group of kids in my church’s vacation bible school. The coordinator that put me in charge said she chose me for this specific group because I had a kind nature and had a booming voice. The kids I managed had a reputation of being a bit reckless and so she believed my demanding look with the voice would be able to control the kids, as well as being polite and caring while doing it. The attributes I was born with alongside my skills gained through experience is what allowed me to have strong leadership skills. The kindness that I attained from my mother has allowed me to make friends with everybody that I meet. I treat everyone as if they’re something important to me and this allows everyone around me to feel comfortable as well as special. This strong suite is what can allow an individual to have a comfortable working environment with their peers or co-workers. The physical features that my dad gave me causes me to look and sound like I’m in. I recall this one time I went to a camp and went to one of my classes for the day. When I walked in the peers around me thought that I was a camp counselor who was going to teach the class. They told me the, body straight and head up, way I walked in along with my physical features made it look like I was in charge. Now, I know this isn’t really a skill but the qualities you’re born with should coincide with being a strong leader. For me, having this demanding look gives me respect from others and people think, “This guy knows what he’s talking about,” when I begin to speak.

The weak qualities that I have are giving commands. I can solve an answer to a problem but I’m not that good at relaying the answer to my teammates. This weak skill can be improved by me working with others and learning how to translate my ideas. In school I’m so bad at relaying my ideas that I’ve just given up on it. By learning how translate my thought my team and I could get things done efficiently. Putting me in a leader position where I tell others what to do will force me to give out my ideas clear and concise. This is a good skill because it allows team assignments to be complete and accurate.


The leadership skills that I learn now will greatly benefit the success of my future. A specific example of how these skills will be useful is an organization I want to start in college. While in college I plan on opening a Christian youth club. The club will encourage the youth to live a better life than some of their peers and to still have fun. The leader skills I learn now will allow me to run this successful organization and change lives. My skills will be used to hire workers and deploy them to make a successful organization as well as a comfortable working environment.

Learning leadership skills will also help me through my social life. These skills will allow me to make exact decisions, without any deliberation, to make others proud of themselves, by giving them insightful opportunities, and most importantly to be myself. I was once told that one of the greatest powers is the ability to influence others and have them follow you. Leadership skills are what allow one to have these abilities, and if I were taught these skills I would be able to better the world around me as I influence others to strive and be a better individual. One of the greatest hardships of life is the feeling of depression. Leader skills allow one to combat this hardship by impacting others in a positive way. Just like people look up to heroes a good leader will be looked up to as well.

My future requires leadership qualities because they will allow me to have a successful occupation. The qualities will provide stability in my life as I plan on providing for my family. In the future, after high school, I’ll be going into law enforcement as I still lead the Christian club. My goal is to work up in the occupation and become a leading officer, and the only way that I could achieve this is if I attain leadership skills. Concerning my future my future family, the qualities of a father will aid me in raising my future kids to become impactful to society. Having a wife that knows she can depend on me will allow for a successful marriage. The skills that I learn today will allow me to succeed in all manners of life in the future.



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