Book Review: The Boy Who Harnessed Wind


The Boy Who Harnessed Wind
William Kamkwamba

This whole book kept me interested. My favorites parts of the book were when talked about the social life in Africa. From the beginning of the book he informs the reader of the witchcraft that happened in Africa. In his village witches were blamed for many deaths and sickness that happened which made citizens fear their power. He states how witches would take children in the village and transform them into monsters. The children of this society were greatly afraid of the witches because of the great evil they could cause, but William notes that in the past witches were known for being heroes for their village. William admits that he was a tiny, nerdy kid meaning he was picked on in school and he refers to one day he had enough of the bullying so he seeked for witch magic. He took a medicine shot that was said to have material in it that will make him strong and unstoppable. When William went to go test his new abilities at a baseball game he searched for someone about his size, and when he did William didn’t fear magic as much after his beating. The social life is very interesting to me because of the fun they had even though he was in a poor area.

Because it was two people who wrote this book I find it difficult to find something I didn’t like but I believe that William could of talked more about his father. In the beginning of the book William stresses how much he looked up to his father and how he didn’t fear anything, even the witches. His father was a popular man around the village mainly because he was a trader but he was also known for his great strength. One story he tells is that he was drunk walking into a concert one day where his favorite singer performed but ten men tried kicking him out with force but they all failed due to his strength. After this he also became strong spiritually because of a dream that pushed him towards Christianity.

It would have been encouraging to read how his father really encouraged him through the hard times in his life. After William became famous in his village and ventured off to America he only had one sentence about how his father was proud of him. I wanted to see how much of a role model his dad was to him and how William paid it back to him. The writers don’t do a good job explaining how William was affected by many things and I wanted to see how William’s father along with his family were proud of him and how they allowed him to be that way after their partnerships in fighting throught the tough times.

The best audience for this book would be people in decided who feel defeated and may be suffering because of their poverty and lack of needed materials. This should be headed towards this population because it will egive them encouragement. Those who are victims of poverty would learn that even though you may not have much things compraed to others you can still become succesfful and make an impact with things you have. This book would gives them the inspiration they need in order to change lives with what they’re gifted at. For this reason I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s a book of inspiration and how you should value life which is something that everyone needs to be reminded. There really is no reason for someone to not read this book unless they want to stay blind to the fact that there are people who are poor, hungry and dying in the world. The book will keep you engaged the whole time because of the interesting unbelivabe true stories and how they correlate with him making a windmill.

The Boy Who Harnessed Wind deepened my understanding of the environment because of the social aspects it played in the book. Because this country is a developing one they still rely on farming and sometimes hunting. They cut trees for energy in order to cook but they were blind to the fact they were putting a dent in the environment. It wasn’t until the trees were almost gone they worried about how to get energy and this may be the same crisis areas in America face if they’re not conscious of how much their taking from the land and not putting back. These people in society weren’t really worried about how the impacted the environment because of the fact they weren’t sure if they’d get a meal to eat every night meaning they were more worried about surving. It amazes me though how fun their lives were and the things they could do with out all of the technology. It deepended my understanding because I forgot how much fun you can have with the environment, outdoors, instead of being caught up in the devices that waste energy.


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