Unknown Imapctor: Missionary Matteo Ricci



Matteo Ricci is known as founding the Roman Catholic missionary work in China. He was an Italian Jesuit, a man from Italy that worked to strengthen the Roman Catholic Christianity in Europe and spread it out, who attempted too convert China to a Christianity area. From the beginning of his life in 1522 to his death in 1610 he was destined to impact the Ming dynasty because of the Chinese knowledge he attained such as studying of the Chinese language and the Confucian classics. The entrance of Ricci did not only impact China with a spread of Christianity and a collision with Confucianism and Christianity. Ricci’s entrance gave way to many Jesuits into China and while they were there they enhanced Chinese technology. Ricci and his colleagues corrected the Chinese miscalculated calendar and also gave them an image of an accurate map. His efforts of impacting China and teaching them a western religion, culture, and science allowed future connections between China and the western world.


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