Women’s Emancipation and now Competition



Women’s emancipation is a social, political and legal right for women’s equality to men and the women’s emancipation defined the women’s rights movements and their opportunity for a revolution. The ideas of Enlightenment are what caused the American colonies and Estates to revolt and the key idea of Enlightenment stressed legal equality and political rights but it ended up only being for men. Patriarchal authority was strong in America and many other societies across the world, meaning that it ignored the impacts the Enlightenment was attempting to force. The Enlightenment is what caused men to wake up and realize that in order for true equality it must also be given to women. Because of tradition the men belief giving women equal rights was hard to establish but in order to create a stable society, it had to be done. The major reason it was hard to accept was becuae of the strong patriartchal values. Even in today’s society women don’t always get the respect and justice they deserve but their past fight for equality has given them a new place in society that men began to fear.

Thanks to their efforts women in America can now have a formal education and have strong professions. Many men began to fear that women will take their place in the workplace when women became more engulfed in the society. In world war two women who stayed in the home front began to take on man jobs. Men in America, and other men from countries participating in the war, were being taken out of society and thrown into the vigorous battles of WWII. With the absence of men women were granted with jobs and with a new title. The housewife, domestic servant title of women began to disappear. One of their big achievements was women’s suffrage after the first World War when women first started to replace men in the workforce. The suffrage movement was a symbol of women inclusion in government and laws that the society stands on. The status of women increased after the World Wars and when men returned they found themselves replaced. Women in all of history have come a long way and are now competing with men for jobs. Growing up in today’s society forces a women to have a strong backbone just as much as men. Personally when dealing with girls and guys i’ve noticed that girls are better at communicating and stating what’s on their mind. As women’s roles increases in society it will soon be men asking for equal treatment.


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