Automobile: a wheeled vehicle, for transportation; holds motor or engine but nowadays they seem to be overlooked or seen just for its looks.

Many people around the world helped evolution of cars, it can be roughly said that Isasac Newton had drawn plans of a motor vehicle, I’ll be sharing a little information that I found about people around the world that was traced down to be recorded in helping to make vehicles what they are today. Nicolas Cugnot, in 1769, made the first self-propelled vehicle was a military tractor used to transports cannons, powered by a steam engine. What he made a steam powered tricycle vehicle but failed to handle the water supply and steam pressure His vehicle moved at a speed of two and twenty five hundredths, miles per hour. The vehicle he made may of not been the coolest looking car but because of Cugnot many people built off his finding on to making a use of everyday self-propelled vehicles.
In 1807 the Pyre’olphore (first internal combustion engine, which is an engine that has one or more working cylinders, when combustion takes place inside the cylinders) was made by two brothers Claude, Nicephore Niepce but decided to put it in a boat. It’s said that this engine ran on controlled dust explosions. The engine was fueled from resin, crushed coal dust, and Lycopodium powder, but their engine proved to be unsuccessful as well as a Swiss inventor who fueled his engine with hydrogen and oxygen. Many more attempted to make the internal combustion engine successful, but some were not or others were not noticed. Karl Benz is known as the creator of the modern automobile, while several other Germans were working on accomplishing that as well, but their fame did not become as big as Mr. Benz. Karl created his first engine in 1878, and in 1885 he made what some call the first real car, Benz Patent-Motorwagon and they were sold in 1888. A man in France decided to take on the line of Karls’ products and sold them to France and there it became more popluar than the country Karl Benz lived, Germany. Benz work did not stop there and he accomplished much more throughout his life time and his place in business helped led to making the Mercedes Benz. George Selden, from the United States of America made the first American design in 1879 using a gasoline internal combustion engine. In 1879 he applied for a patent, but because his car was never built his application expired and when it was finally granted in 1895 he had competitors one we find to be most recongnizable is Henry Ford.


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