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The school year of 2013 to 2014 has been an extraordinary one, and since my AP Language and Composition class, the class that required me to start blogging, is coming to a close it’s time to say my “see ya later” to you guys, my adoring fans. Creating this blog has allowed me to get all of the thoughts and ideas running through my head down on paper. Keeping a diary and writing your personal and sometimes obscure feelings and thoughts seems un-guyish for the society that we live in so blogging has become a perfect thing for me. When I first created this blog I didn’t realize how dedicated I would become to it and that I would actually write personal things and share my ideas with blog readers. I promise that I won’t stop sharing my feelings and beliefs because it has become a good destresser for me and because blogging has helped me grow into a better writer. My view of an essay is now not as negative as it used to be. When writing essays for test or assignments I now make my writing more personal and reflect on my past experience concerning the subject of my writing. I also hope that you’ve learned a little bit about me through my various posts. If you don’t get anything I say from reading my post I at least hope that you were able to detect how my society and culture influenced me. When first creating this blog I imagined that I was going to be writing on American culture and style. I started off by talking about hats and then moved on to mainstream culture fads. My first term philosophy class caused me to ponder more on ethics and lifestyle ideas, so I began to blog some of my thoughts on philosophical ideas that I wasn’t able to share in philosophy class. This allowed me to become more passionate about what I write because I’m sharing my beliefs and view on what’s right and wrong. My new writing on stuff that matters (STM) really caused me to become more personal with my blog, and because I find this more interesting than American culture or history of people or things I will continue writing on STM. Now the reason I say “see ya later” is because my amount of posting will lessen substantially. My future post will consist of pictures and quotes with at least 100 words of explanation. I will continue to use this as my manly diary and hope my followers increase as I share my own experiences and opinions. Nevertheless I’m somewhat disheartened to say this will be my last 400+ word post.


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